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Recipe Unit Conversion Calculator

An easy to use online cooking units conversion calculator for metric, imperial and U.S. and other commonly used (e.g. cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, ounce, liter, ml, pint, quart, …) units in cooking recipes.

Cooking Measurement Conversion Calculator

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Common Recipe Unit Conversions

Pinch=1/16 Teaspoon (tsp)
3 Teaspoons=1 Tablespoon (tbsp)
1 Tablespoon=1/2 Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
8 Fluid Ounces=1 Cup
2 Cups=1 Pint (pt)
2 Pints=1 Quart (qt)
4 Quarts=1 Gallon (gal)
16 Dry Ounces=1 Pound (lb)