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Hi There, so glad you found us. We are foodies and love to try making new recipes.

RecipeAroma idea evolved while we were talking to my friend and she asked us to share a recipe she had been looking for. This sounded like an easy option to share ideas.

Cooking, no matter how simple, should be fun and relaxing. If you have a passion for cooking, you will keep up with it. We are totally obsessed with food, and love to try new cuisines. We are both born vegetarians, that means, we don’t eat meat, so the recipes you will find here will be vegetarian or vegan.

We love to keep recipes simple, easy and healthy. We also love recipes that do not take too long, so most of the recipes you will find here won’t take too long. Of course, there might be some exceptions, and you will find that we indulged over the weekend with friends.

If you are looking for anything specific, please feel free to write to us at contact@recipearoma.com